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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 11, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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. >> you heard something like boom. >> soggy weather in front of of a apartment complex. why tenants say it is not a surprise. >> almost 2 inches of rain fell on baltimore today. and it is not over yet. how soggy saturday could be coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> a shooting in a baltimore bus stop. new developments tonight. >> and tax tips for a person posing as a prosecute. what a hidden camera revealed at two acorn offices. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> a day long soaking rain hits the baltimore area. >> the downpours caused trees to fall and roads were closed because of all the standing water. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. heavy rain is causing other problems as well. >> it is blamed for a roof
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collapse in a apartment complex in west baltimore. keith daniels is live at the scene with the latest on the story tonight. keith? >> jeff live outside the rosemont garden apartments. people that live here say it was a mess waiting to happen. and tonight we know it finally did. after a steady day of rain today. >> at the rose on mont gardens apartment on winchester street. people that live in the top floor units and building 2402 are cleaning up. and drying out. >> i walked down here this morning, and thought i was in a pool. >> parts of the ceiling in, at least, six units have fallen. no surprise to alycia robinson. >> do nothing but mold. >> she said with each rain, the roof leaks. they have been complaining to management since april. but no repairs. >> just paste it up. >> but with friday's steady rain, the above roof above two units on the forth floor
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collapsed. and then like dominoes, with each ceiling dropping. >> i guess at the try to keep me from drowning. >> jenna had a wet awakening at 5:00. >> you heard something like boom. and i am like, my neighbor from downstairs came up. and asked me had i run my bathtub or toilet flooded because his ceiling was leaking. >> some residents do not have power now. crews shut it off because of safety concerns. no one was hurt. but tempers are flaring. >> it makes me mad because me and my children we should not have to live like this. i should not have to live like this. i am like, you come home every day, you don't want to see a mess like this. when i came home, i don't want to see this. >> well, there is no word from management tonight. they did not return our calls. but the people hardest hit by this. tell us that they have been told by management that they will be relocated. until the repairs are made. we're live in west baltimore.
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keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you, keith. >> steady rain all day. now, just a few drizzles. >> and i understand more is on the way. meteorologist jessica starr, i tried to paint it well. but i couldn't. you cannot dodge the truth. >> no. dealing the heavy rain showers today. and the good news is that the rain is tapering off. and like karen said drizzle out there. but still light rain showers in the vicinity over toward the eastern shore. you can see most of baltimore, harford, carroll counties dry. but zooming over to kent county can north of chestertown. dealing with light to moderate rain showers. thanks to the system that moved inland today. that fired up some strong winds today . and, well, heavy rain showers and periods of rain showers throughout the day. and there is the bigger picture of the system. in our area. so there is the next day planner. dealing with the breezy conditions overnight tonight. 61 at midnight. 59 at 6 a.m.. and most of the day is cloudy
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with a chance of rain showers. but improving conditions. but hope for sunday. i will have a complete look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right jessica thank you. you can be in charge of you are your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track storms down to your street. go to >> police say a shooting near a bus stop in northeast baltimore is now a homicide. myranda stephens is live near where it happened. with latest. myranda? >> shooting happened in broad daylight near the bus stop behind me off east on northern parkway. and police confirm the victim has now died. >> all i seen was a bike. and that was it. >> jazmine and her friend could not believe what happened at the bus stop where they wait every day after school. >> devastating, because we are here in the neighborhood. >> before 3:00, shots rang out near the bus stop.
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in the 2300 block of east northern parkway. just a couple of blocks away from reginald lewis high school. >> information we have is the victim sitting on the bicycle when one suspect aapproached on 1 foot with a weapon and fired. >> victim shot in the head. the gunman got away on foot. >> we know people, at least heard shots. we know a lot of people saw suspects running. >> i heard like 4 or 5 shots. >> nearby pizza shop worker that did not want to be identified said he did not see the shooting but definitely heard it. >> i heard it. i came back in here. walking fast. i was not trying to see anything. >> police, however say they are talking to witnesses, who they hope will help them find a person, or people, behind this brazen crime. >> people getting shot. it was all running. >> and police have identified the victim as 20-year-old trenton marshall of rosedale.
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police say he died shortly after the shooting at johns hopkins hospital. again, police are asking anyone with any information, if you may have saw anything at the time of the shooting, to please call them. live in northeast baltimore, myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> 9/11 attacks. remembered with the names of the victims. and moments of silence in new york city. >> ceremonies in shanksville pennsylvania and at the pentagon as the nation honors the people that died in the terrorist attacks. >> still you come up to this, and you think about what your life would have been like had the person lived. >> and here in maryland, one man looks back. at how his life changed eight years ago today. >> eight years ago on a crystal clear sunny september morning. everybody realized that life in the u.s. would never be the
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same. >> today americans all across the country pause to reflect and remember the worst act of terrorism ever to occur on u.s. soil. here in baltimore, one man takes it even more personal than some. tonight, he shares his pain eight years later. >>. >> john wesley remembers fiance sarah clark. >> as i go forward, there are so many things that you want to share with someone that is that close to you. that you cannot share. >> sarah, along with students and teachers, was on board american airlines flight 77 that crashed into the westside of the pentagon, eight years ago september 11th. >> you come up to this time, and you think about what your life would have been like, had the person lived. >> sarah and john had known each other for more than 20 years. they were scheduled to be married three months after the tragedy that took america by surprise. >> most people around don't have
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the sense of what it is like. >> sarah, 65-year-old teacher in washington d.c. and mother of two. was traveling to secure computers for her students. the trip was originally scheduled for october, then suddenly changed to september 11th. >> she was originally supposed to go to florida. she was not supposed to go to california. >> john remembers watching the tragic events unravel that day and reflects back to the dreaded call he received from american airlines grief councilors at 3 a.m. several hours later. >> unfortunately, it is flight 77. and unfortunately mrs. clark is on the manifest and she was on it. how would you like for us to proceed? >> today, in his living room. a memorial for sarah. an urn that holds the ashes, and beside it another urn with her robe and a gown. there are photos and other
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keepsakes as well. >> it is an interesting head trip. >> on this day of remembrance, john said he will reflect, be quiet and stay still. >> it is just different. it is not easier. it is not easier, believe me. >> john tells me he has donated many of sarah's belongings to victims of hurricane katrina. >> and this anniversary takes on a new meaning. giving back. first national day of service. governor o'malley rolled up his sleeves to help with a local project sponsored by habitat for humanity working to build nine homes for nine families. >> so it is a great day, and it is good to be out with neighbors, actually rolling up sleeves, putting sweat equity into honoring the lives lost on 9/11. >> new homeowners are expected to get the keys to their homes in mid october. >> today's rain did not stop hundreds of dedicated runners from hitting the streets to honor september 11th victims in
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the annual run to remember. joel d. smith has the latest. >> when i woke up this morning, it was pouring, you know,. >> eighth annual run to remember is the first to be held in the rain. >> i decided, you know, i was going to come can out here. >> through the puddles and rain, hundreds hit the street run ring to stand a stand. >> when 9/11 happened i had a strong urge to help. and i couldn't, i had a little kids so now i do this. >> are doing this for personal reasons. >> this one i do because i actually loved a loved one on this day. so i am kind of doing to remember my dad. so i come out here if it was armageddon. >> father died in tower one. world trade center. >> outpouring of love and affection, and kindness has been outstanding. >> for people like chris, that
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firefighters are willing to fight the weather it means more on 9/11. >> gave consideration to not doing the flag this morning because worried about the firefighters having to go up the ladders, and safety. and they said no, we're picking up the flag. >> after looking up at that during the start of the race, many runners had more than rain running down the cheeks. >> i had tears in my eyes and a lot of others did too. >> all the runners, seemed to realize this race is different. >> it is not about winning or running, the greater pause is the first thing, first to cross the finish line. >> this is for the troops, for 9/11, and military overseas. i want to come out here and give my donation, so i can say no to the american spirit, but it is nice to know that when bad things occur, you know, there are people that will come to your side. >> rain or on shine.
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joel d. smith. fox 45 news at 10:00. >> money raised will fund baltimore's mounted police unit and the families of fallen firefighters. >> well, today's wet weather did not dampen the spirits of ravens' fans. >> no way. >> this, of course, is the first purple friday of the football season. cheerleaders, band and po celebrated purple friday in canton this afternoon. even though everyone was inside, fans had major expectations for this team this season. >> oh, yeah, it was great. pouring rain. but all here to support them. great sunday. going to be a great season. joe flacco is great. >> that hair is all natural. they kickoff at 1:00 against the chiefs on sunday. >> if you are heading out to any
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ravens' events or the big game sunday, share it with baltimore. upload photos or videos to neighborhood news. go to >> you can also send photos and videos directly from your cell phone through pics >> demolition of repair for a city project gets put on hold. why city leaders are up in arms. >> the debate over health care reform. how to balance costs, and quality. we take an in-depth look at the quality of care in tonight's cover story. >> all hell just broke loose, entire street opened up on us. >> everybody focuses on the physical side but no one really sees the emotional side. >> why september 11th has special meaning for a family in anne arundel county. stay with us. >> and the controversy over some bizarre tax advice expands beyond baltimore.
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yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. . >> first it was acorn's baltimore location, now it is the non-profit organize's office in the nation's capitol. both offices coming after fire after workers caught on tape telling people how to evade taxes and set up a brothel for underage prostitution. joy lepola has the latest. >> it is a shocking undercover video of acorn workers, made by filmmaker james owe catastrophe. he went to the acorn baltimore
10:17 pm
office, with a 20 yearly female. pretending she was a prostitute. the two claim the woman needed to buy a house but had been turned down by banks. the acorn worker told the two that the woman's occupation could be classified on tax forms as a performance artist. >> from that one. performing artist. would that be prostitution? is it illegal? >> owe catastropheed 13 underage girls from el salvador were going to work at the house. >> you can use them as a dependent. >> what if they are making money. >> if they are making money and they are underage, do not let anyone know. >> owe catastrophe was stunned at what he found. >> i was prepared to have them call the police, throw me out of the office. and without hesitation, help me in every way they could with evading taxes, with sitting up the brothel.
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>> late yesterday, acorn issued a statement, saying they had fired both women because quote, they did not meet acorn's standards of professionalism. >> as much as acorn would like you to believe this was an isolated incident here in baltimore. involving two misguided workers. the reality is, two workers in washington d.c. were also captured on camera, giving similar advice. >> she can perform tricks in the house? >> yeah. >> only other option you have is you put it in your name and she is not on the loan. >> another scandal surrounding a organization that has received its fair share of criticism as of late. >> taxpayers are upset. the package granted them to get the billons of dollars of taxpayer money. >> the money has to go in the bank. >> acorn denies wrongdoing. calling the release of this video got you journalism. and political motivated.
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joy lepola fox 45 news at 10:00. >> just as the baltimore workers were fired so were the acorn workers in d.c.. and late word that the census committee has (inaudible). >> >> that brings us to the question of the day. should the fire at acorn workers also face criminal charges? so far 87 percent say yes. and 13 percent say no. damien from elkridge writes, they should absolutely be charged as accomplices to a crime. especially one as heinous as promoting child prostitution. we will have more responses on that issue, on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> strong reaction at this hour, from mayor sheila dixon after the fire union blasts city hall. the rank and file has described negotiations recently as chaotic. they rejected a $3 million proposed cut which included
10:20 pm
furloughs and cuts to vacation time this week. >> all i want from the unions is to cooperate with us, and to give us equivalent to the furlough days that we will be announcing that everybody will take, including myself. >> finalized budget plans are scheduled to be released in the next few days. >> earlier this week, mayor sheila dixon announced the contract to demolish buildings near the site of a casino but contract cancelled. now there is word that a second demolition contract for another major project has been halted. john rydell explains. >>. >> at calvert and lombard the renaissance is moving slowly. contractors have begun to gut old buildings to make way for a $80 million project. city center. when completed there will be more retail and two hyatt hotels. but scheduled demolition of the buildings put on hold. amid he allegations that the contract was not properly award.
10:21 pm
the corporation selected a demolition company without advertising for the job. >> the fact of the matter is, when you are using public dollars to develop, you need to make sure that the certain that the public is protected and you do that through open bidding. >> cdc president brody said the quasi government agency moved ahead with the contract because of public safety. >> all of these buildings are filled with lead paint and asbestos, some pcb. arsenic. >> but bcd will no longer award contracts for the city center project or the site of a proposed casino. >> we pushed the envelope too much in terms of the process. we're not going to do it again. we're out of the demolition business. >> jay brody said the bdc wanted to accelerate the demolition for incentive for developers in a troubled economy. >> city officials anxiously awaiting this part of downtown to be redeveloped they do not want the old buildings to be demolished right away for fear
10:22 pm
it would leave the area vacant for a undetermined period of time. >> baltimore has a lot of very, very sad examples where we dee localish property and have holes in the ground. >> now future demolition contracts will be handled by the city itself. in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> city officials plan to issue a formal request for bids on demolition contracts, but it is not known when that will take place. >> police are searching for the gunman that shot and killed a man in northeast baltimore. homicide detectives were called to belair road and erdman at 2:00 this morning. man shot several times in the chest and rushed to the hospital where he died. officers are not releasing the name. >> city police are investigating last night's triple shooting in north baltimore. two found shot at york and ratner avenue. one shot in the head and died later. a third victim showed up at a nearby fire station. so far no arrests.
10:23 pm
>> in anne arundel county. young man is under arrest for attempted sexual assault. police say 19-year-old jam miss son knot attacked a woman on mount vernon road and odenton. she was dragged into the yard and hit over the head. able to get away. and taken to the hospital. she faced -- he faces charges, assault, rape, and kidnapping. >> two days after obama's peach on health care reform reaction abounds tonight. we spoke to former governor ehrlich about his thoughts on the speech in this week's political pulse. >> this president is highly effective. very calm. his demeanor is perfect. he understands his audience. he has command of the audience. my problem with the speech is command of the facts. and, again, a lot of his sentences, for him end in periods. for a lot of us ending in question marks. that's true with the nature of the question. so the delivery was terrific. as usual. but the problem is substance. the problem is nobody is buying
10:24 pm
some of the things that he and nancy pelosi and harry reed continue to sell. can you keep your health plan? probably not. can we afford it? no. >> have much more on the "late edition" at 11:00 with bob ehrlich and his take on the ill time outburst from the south carolina lawmaker. >> september 11 has a meaning for a family that justified move into a home in anne arundel county. the family got their new home for free. kathleen cairns explains why. >> new neighbors in pasadena. >> right over here next to the door. >> melinda shows off her new room. >> it all the all the things we need. >> she is so excited. she is so happy. >> the rosa family has a new half a million dollars home. on september 11th, a significant day for lois rosa. >> one of those that stood up and said i will take up arms and
10:25 pm
defend nigh country. and the freedom. >> i went to war, and paid a price. >> he got hit by a bomb. >> blast immediately took my legs and my arm. >> now, a triple amputee, starting life all over again. >> this house signifies new beginning to me. >> they are the heroes of the community. >> in the family garage. >> the american people thank them for not forgetting. >> volunteers turnout to celebrate the new beginnings. >> we are here any time you need us. >> time, expertise and supplies were all donated to homes for our troops. >> we were able to build this house for about half the cost. >> it is amazing to have this much room. >> takes about 45 minutes to get him in and out of the bathroom. >> ceiling police help with that process. and in the kitchen. >> with the wheelchair here. >> appliances are designed with
10:26 pm
lois in mind. >> park himself right here. >> now that i have lived a couple of years, in war, fighting, and defending, now, that i am done, i get to live my life in peace. >> on this september 11th. >> i cannot thank -- there is no word. >> here there is reason to celebrate. >> cite there. yeah. >> i cannot be any happier for him. to finally get to be able to get his freedom back. >> in anne arundel county. >> all right. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> so far, the homes for our troops group has built 41 homes across the country. but there are hundreds of families still waiting list hoping for help as well. on find out how to donate time or money or services to the organization, log onto
10:27 pm, and click on "news links". >> wet and damp today. a big improvement for the weekend. tell you how nice it will get coming up next. >> i think most people agree that the quality of health care in america is probably the best in the world. >> but will that standard of care change if health care reform is past? we examine the quality of care in tonight's cover story. >> paid to lay in bed. coming up. how much money nasa
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. >> so much of the debate is about balancing costs versus quality. what will we give up if reform measures will pass. >> what will it mean for the standard of care americans take for granted all of these years. jennifer gilbert now reports. >> it is a beacon of medical care, for the rest of the world. >> i think most people agree that the quality of health care in america is probably the best in the world. >> you go to the physician. >> maryland state senator harris is both politician, and physician. anesthesiologist at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. >> i take care of patients that come from all over the world to get health care in the united states. we don't have a lot of people leave the united states to get
10:31 pm
health care elsewhere. >> but the reform making the way through congress, has brought dire predictions about what would happen to the quality of care we have come to expect. >> whole thing has become completely distorted. and now we're trying to distort it more. or if we change. >> dr. ben carson is a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon at johns hopkins, concerned about what a government run public option would do. just look, he says, at our neighbor to the north. >> see how long people have to wait. very, very long waiting periods. why do you think so many people from canada come here when they have a problem? >> long waits, and rationing of care. which critics say already happens here, when the government cuts the programs it already does run. medicaid and medicare. >> the government has a record of doing that when they run out of money. so if we have a government option or public option, in the final plan, that's what will happen. >> another shining star of the american health care system.
10:32 pm
the mayo clinic, said the real losers of the legislation will be the citizen of the united states. the legislation missed the opportunity to help create higher quality, more affordable health care for patients. but on the other side. american medical association supports the proposed legislation, which it calls meaningful health system reform. and some doctors say, the legislation just doesn't go far enough. >> we do have good doctors, we have great hospitals. but those are only available to people that can afford them. >> we both trained here in maryland. >> baltimore pediatrician margaret flowers left her practice to fight full-time for a national health care system. >> "youtube" video shows her getting arrested earlier this year, when she pushed a senate committee to consider a government run single payor system. >> everybody who has a medicare card chooses the doctor.
10:33 pm
doctors and patients make the medical decisions. done in a cost effective marn. if we expanded it to everybody and improved it, we could create something that works. >> but dr. carson cannot help but think about a conversation he had recently with a group of german doctors, troubled they said to see where the united states might be headed. >> they said because you guys have always been the inventors, and the people that bring out new things. and the people that we aspire to be like. and if you become like us, well, where is the beacon on the hill? >> jennifer gilbert fox 45 news at 10:00. >> what is the cure for health care. we examine the issue in-depth in our special airing this saturday night. >> cure for health care airs at 10:30p.m.. immediately following fox 45 news at 10:00 tomorrow night.
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. >> well, we had a very dismal and dreary day outside today. and soggy way to start the weekend. but things are improving. rain showers are slowly coming to an end. and hd camera out there in the inner harbour. 62 degrees. cloudy skies. winds were strong today. subsiding just a little bit out of the west at eight. and humidity is still up at 94 percent. so on sky watch hd radar. you can see a couple light rain showers in the vicinity. that coastal low system moved in to our area and brought in rain showers toward the region. but you can see most television toward the north in pennsylvania and new york.
10:37 pm
in the state of maryland is starting to dry out. but a chance tomorrow to see some wraparound rain showers. but this is the rainfall totals today. we saw over an inch and a half of rain reported at bwi thurgood marshall airport. but look over to dover. close to 3-inch of of rain. delmarva got hit with the coastal low. brought a lot of rain showers early this morning. and throughout most of the daytime for today. and close to 2 1/2 inches in wilmington. and the winds were strong out of the northwest today. and still a little strong out there right now. 14 miles an hour in d.c. 8 miles an hour in baltimore. and 9 miles an hour in salisbury. and winds around five to 10 miles an hour overnight and for the daytime saturday. northeast regional temperatures. that's that was the other thing today. felt like late november out there for today. we stayed in the low 60s today. and that is where we are right now. 62 in baltimore. 61 in harrisburg. 68 in new york and 62 in boston where the coastal low is moving toward the northeast, toward new
10:38 pm
england. so there is the coastal low system. slowly departing through the daytime for tomorrow. improving conditions. as that slow moving coastal low makes an exit. but right around 1:00, future scan model is picking up some light rain showers f there are some rain showers tomorrow they will be light in nature. right along the mason dixon line. then the coastal low exits and high pressure system and dryer conditions, warmer conditions, sunny conditions return for sunday and monday. and for most of the work week next week. so getting back toward seasonable temperatures to where we should be for mid september. eastern shore forecast. for tomorrow. high temperature of 70. with the winds out of the northwest at five to 15. and slight chance for an isolated rain shower in the vicinity. high temperature of 72. in downtown baltimore. with the winds out of the northwest. bay for tomorrow. well, definitely want to take your rain coast. 82 for a high. winds out of the northwest at 10. and waves 1 foot chop. ravens' forecast. if you are heading out to
10:39 pm
tailgate. m&t bank stayed. 70 degrees at 1:00. against the chiefs. beautiful day. for football. five-day forecast. things improving and dry up. 72 on saturday. and 80 on sunday. we continue with the dry sunny weather into the work week. 83 on monday. 82 degrees on tuesday. and partly cloudy skies next wednesday. i will have a look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. . >> some tense moments on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks. several media outlets in washington d.c. overheard chatter and thought the coast guard fired shots at a boat on the potomac river. it happened at the same time the president's motorcade crossed the river. turned out the whole thing was a training exercise. >> looking for lots of cash for virtually doing nothing? we have the job for you. nasa is looking for volume tears to spend every second of 60 days in bed. those conditions simulate the
10:40 pm
low gravitational conditions astronauts deal with in space. $14,000 pay day at the end of the study. nasa tried to run a similar survey back in 2008 but had to abandon it after 50 days because of evacuations due to hurricane i can. >> just a pinch gives you a meal of zest but how less salt can save you and the country some cash. >> tired of clipping coupons? the virtual savings that let you did you know fios has a multi-room dvr? so you can record in one room and watch in up to six others. you can do that with cable! living room. bedroom. kitchen.
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. >> well with all the talk of swine flu health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius wants to remind us to get the flu shots. sebelius received her at a free vaccine drive in alexandria virginia. and she said while we wait for the vaccine, people should get the seasonal aflu vaccine now. each year, 36,000 americans die from seasonal flu. >> if the nation needs less salt in the diet it could save lots. cutting salt in the diet could result in 11 million fewer cases of higher blood pressure. and less cost for medication. millions of dollars less. the usda recommends
10:44 pm
2300 milligrams of sodium per day. >> no clipping, necessary. a local grocery chain is offering coupons at the click of a mouse. judy kurtz tells us where to head for online savings on tonight's "word on the web". >> ever go to the grocery store, only to remember at the checkout line that you forgot the coupons at home? now you are store the savings on a card. super fresh customers go online and choose the coupons and save them to the loyalty card. the savings are automatically deducted when the card is scanned at the register. this may be the beginning of the virtual coupons. while fewer people are clipping coupons from newspapers, more and more consumers turning to the internet for savings. use of electronics coupons doubled in the first half of the year. compared to the same period last year. and you can be the first to know about breaking news, severe weather and traffic with mobile news. get text alerts and streaming video on your phone. sign up now on
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or text wbff to 45223. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> all right. thanks judy. >> well sometimes it pays to have friends. >> yeah, you can friend us on facebook. and you can win great prizes beginning monday september 14. it is easy to win. simply watch fox 45 news at 10:00 week nights and be the first person to post the topic of the lead story on our facebook wall. we cannot compete in this. so do not worry about it. if you are the fastest you win the daily prize. you also controversy for the grand prize. that's $250 visa gift card. but you have to be a friend first. go to . >> the ravens gearing up for the season against kc this
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. >> well, we will have to deal with a couple of clouds and few light rain showers, but things drying out and improving through the daytime tomorrow. for saturday. high of 72. and sunday looking sunny and nice. high temperature of 80. and if you are headed to the ravens' game sunday at 1:00, against the chiefs. nice weather. 78. and clear skies. and stick with dry conditions for the beginning of the work week. in the low 80s. 82 on tuesday. 79 on wednesday. and 78 on thursday. with a slight chance of isolate
10:49 pm
rain showers, with mostly cloudy skies. and 79 friday. that's the seven day. back to you guys. >> less than two days away from the start of the ravens' season. how is the team preparing for the chiefs? >> i had to remind you to wear purple today. i cannot believe that. kristen berset joins us now with a preview of sunday's big game in "sports unlimited" tonight. kristen take it away quickly. >> the tie is suspiciously differently. >> coming up on "sports unlimited". the ravens have been a dominant team at home. but find out why m&t bank might not be that much of a factor. >> the o's in the bronx with all eyes on captain jeter, find out why one swing immortalized him. >> and return of making the grade. find out if edgar jones can pass the test on kansas city. coming up. "sports unlimited" starts right now.


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